What Should We Bring Into the Parks?

Making the Most of Disneyland Vacation

What Should We Bring Into the Parks?

One of the best lessons we learned during the first trip to The Disneyland® Resort with our young children was what to pack into the parks and what to leave behind. There is a temptation to load that stroller up bags and extra items, but chances are you will not actually use it all. We changed tactics by day two and narrowed the list of items down to the essentials and never looked back. And for even more helpful information, don't miss out on the So Much Magic Bootcamp, where you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge to enhance your Disneyland® experience..

Here are some necessities you should plan to bring inside the park each day:

  • Tickets: load into the Disneyland® App, but bring a paper copy on day one

  • Comfortable park bag/purse/backpack

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat

  • Light sweatshirt for the evening/disposable poncho for water rides

  • Pocket size picnic blanket if you plan on seeing parades/nighttime entertainment

  • Trading pins and lanyards

  • Easy to carry snacks (don’t carry anything that requires an icepack)

  • Wallet

  • Phone charger, battery pack, and cell phone

  • Hair ties

  • Ziptop bags to store things in for water rides/store leftover snacks

  • Autograph books/Sharpie

  • Pennies/quarters for the penny machines

  • Any required medicine

  • A (small) case of pain reliever/Tums

  • Small First Aid Kit (essentials only)

There is always a temptation to pack the entire family first aid kit but The Disneyland® Resort has a devoted first aid station in both parks so other than throwing a band aid and some antiseptic ointment in the park bag, you really don’t need to carry an entire family first aid kit. For those extra items you may need for weather purposes, or the extra change of clothes for your baby/toddler, or extra snacks, you can rent a storage locker so you do not have to carry these items all over the parks. Check The Disneyland App for locations.


Not becoming a pack mule is possible when visiting The Disneyland® Resort and can enhance your overall experience. If you're eager to delve deeper into all things Disneyland® consider signing up for the So Much Magic Bootcamp. With a discount on lifetime membership, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of information and updates that will make your Disneyland trips even more enchanting. Don't wait, sign up today, and let the magic begin!

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